There’s a lot of coffee related news online. We’d like to condense some of the most interesting stories for you.

On a positive note: Coffee helps your long term memory. Interestingly, this study shows that drinking the crazy caffeinated drinks (Red Bull, Monster, etc) does not contain the same components that might fight against/prevent Alzheimers. However, coffee components prove to be helpful…so drink up!

College grads and coffee seem to go well! This innovation with cups seems pretty rad. Maybe one day Coffeehouse will use them…

Another cool innovation related to your morning cup of coffee. This seems like a great way to wake up in the morning. If it only it picked out an outfit too?

While we really dig Katz Coffee’s roasts, if you have ever thought about roasting your own,  this guy might be your inspiration. However, roasting is tricky and time consuming. So, while we are wowed by Kupovic’s gusto, we’re not going to jump on it anytime soon.

On a more dangerous, but less serious note: What Not to Do with Your Coffee Grinder. Firecrackers and coffee grinders don’t mix well. This coffee related Fourth of July incident, while patriotic, seems rough. However, if you are looking to clean your grinder after a similar, but less dangerous incident, try running a little uncooked rice through it. We recommend that you do this every once in a while, or if you switch flavors (not roasts) of coffee.

In essence, drink up…but make sure you are putting beans in the grinder.