Catering Policies and FAQ


I have multiple orders in a semester. How can I streamline ordering?

We will arrange to ensure that your weekly/fortnightly/monthly orders for the semester are placed. Payment can then be done either after each order or at the end of the semester. That way, you will never need to worry about meeting the three-day deadline and still get to taste our coffee! Win-win!

Can you fill a 6:00 AM order?
Unfortunately, no. All orders must fall within our regular catering hours as follows:

Mon-Thurs: 8AM – 10PM
Friday: 8AM – 5PM
Saturday: 10AM – 4PM
Sunday: 2PM – 10PM

I have an event Saturday. Can Coffeehouse provide food options?
Unfortunatly, no. Due to the tight schedules of our local food partners, no food orders can be placed on the weekends. But don’t worry – waking up to the aroma of our Texas Pecan coffee is definitely possible!
Will you deliver when the weather is bad?
Yes and no. The catering team takes pride in providing impeccable service and we would brave the tumultuous winter cold for you. However, if the occasional snow or torrential rain occurs, we are unable to deliver.

The reason is simple: the safety and health of our dedicated KOCs is of utmost importance. If inclement weather conditions put our employees at risk of a fracture (from a golf cart accident on the wet Houston roads) or a weather-induced cold (from a downpour), we would be happy to work out an arrangement with you.

Examples of alternative arrangements:

i. Changing the delivery order to a pick-up order
ii. Your sending an additional helper down to Coffeehouse so that the KOC has an extra helping hand in delivering the order.


"72-hour" Policy

All catering orders must be made 72 hours in advance, irregardless of weekends or days Coffeehouse is closed

For example, if your order needs to be filled on Friday, place it on Tuesday (Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday = 72 hours in advance).

Payment Policies
Service charges: All catering orders are subject to a 10% service fee for pick up or a 15% service fee for delivery. We deliver anywhere on the Rice campus, except the BRC.

Payment method: P-cards cannot be accepted for catering orders. We accept payments of cash or credit at the register, or via IDT.

Late payments: If a catering order is not paid for within 5 days of receiving the invoice, there is a $15 late fee. For each additional week that the payment is late, an additional $15 will be charged.

Walk-in Policy
Yes, you can order a single carafe by walking into Coffeehouse and placing an order at the register.

A walk-in carafe is just like any other item on our menu, which means once you place your order the carafe will be ready as soon as possible; this will vary depending on how busy Coffeehouse is at the time.

Before you pay, you will be given an approximate time frame of when your carafe will be ready, which ranges from 10-30 minutes depending on time of day.

A walk-in carafe includes cups, milk, and sugar.

You must pay for the order at the time it is placed with credit card/cash, or if you’re paying via IDT you must have the fund, organization, and approver name with you.

Limitations of the walk-in system include:

  1. You cannot specify that the carafe be ready later in the day or for any subsequent day (for example: you cannot place an order for a walk-in carafe at 9AM and specify that it be ready at 4PM)
  2. You cannot order more than one walk-in carafe at time

However, if you’d like to order multiple carafes or would like to make an order in advance so that a carafe is ready at a specific time of day, you can place a formal order three days in advance using our order form.