Department Ordering/Open Tabs

If you have questions about how to purchase items at Coffeehouse with a P-card, please contact our finance manager, Eleanor Hill, at If you want to complete an interdepartmental transfer or begin a voucher system, please see below.
Coffeehouse serves other departments on campus by sending IDTs to these organizations when they want to purchase gift cards, merchandise, or drinks. If your organization wants to purchase a one-time order of gift cards or merchandise, please fill out the following form:  IDT request form
Open Tab Accounts:
If your organization wants to create a standing account with Coffeehouse so members of your department can get drinks and food on your organization’s account, consider setting up an Open Tab with Coffeehouse!
Open Tab Accounts use vouchers created by the Coffeehouse Finance Manager and emailed to the department that created the open tab. On the vouchers, the department can specify a maximum amount per voucher, and an expiration date if desired. Our finance manager will send your department an IDT at the end of the month of the total balance accrued on the vouchers that month.
Previously, organizations have used open tabs to give vouchers to contest winners or people within the organization. Vouchers can also be created for one-day events. If vouchers are desired for a specific event, the request must be made 3 business days in advance of the event.
You can fill out this form to create an open tab with Coffeehouse: Open Tab form