Coffeehouse loves sustainability.  Every day, we strive to make our cafe space and operations greener. We seek to reduce our footprint through encouraging sustainable behaviors within the community, actively sourcing products that reduce our footprint, and partnering with student organizations on campus to make our space even more awesomer.


Coffeehouse works with the wonderful staff in the RMC to recycle everything consumed within our space.

Single-Dispense, 100% Recycled Content Napkins 

Coffeehouse switched sourcing from non-recycled, multi-dispense napkins to eco-friendly single-dispense (reduces consumption!) , 100% recycled napkins for your wiping pleasure.

Linen Service

Coffeehouse now uses a linen service that washes used towels, rags, and mops for re-use, saving over 4,000 single-use rags from disposal each year! That’s a lot of rags not thrown away!

Own-Mug Discount + 95-cent Drip

Did you know? You auto-magically get twenty-five cents off your drink when you bring in your own mug. This helps us generate less disposable waste. If you’re just getting drip coffee, the discount is even steeper: coffee is just 95-cents. We’ll even help you rinse out your mug once you’re finished. Just ask the barista behind the counter.

Coffeehouse Sustainability Week

We partnered with Rice Environmental Society to throw a Coffeehouse Sustainability Week to encourage lasting sustainable behaviors. During this week, we discounted own-mug purchases by fifty cents and sold Coffeehouse-branded thermoses at a major discount. Less paper cups + more coffee = win for everyone.

Fair Trade/Direct Trade Coffee from Katz

Katz, a local roastery in Houston, makes sure that the relationships they establish with growers on small farms are symbiotic, co-beneficial, and healthy. They make sure that their farmers prioritize making wonderful coffee as well as environmental responsibility.

Recycling + Reusing Boxes

If you ever want cardboard boxes, come to Coffeehouse. During moving season, we encourage K.O.Cs and students alike to reuse boxes we get from our product.

For-Here Cups

Coffeehouse is now experimenting with in-house ceramic mugs and glasses! If you feel like chillin’ in our space with a drink and don’t want to waste a cup, feel free to ask for a cup-to-stay. Just return them to our collection tray and we’ll get them washed. Yay cups, boo waste!