Advertise with Coffeehouse


How long does the approval process take?

We aim to receive and approve applications within a 24 hour period where possible. However, sometimes it may take longer than that. For this reason, we have a 3 day advance policy and a 1 week advance recommendation.

If it has been more than 48 hours without any indication of approval/denial, please email us at

Can I apply to advertise the whole semester?

Unfortunately, no. At this time the maximum amount of time a campaign may occupy is 1 week. If you wish to advertise over multiple weeks, you should email to discuss request. 

However, if you are looking to place something permanently in the space (such as a journal or publication), feel free to email us to begin a discussion. If you have artwork you want to show off, consider contacting Espresso Yourself!

I have an event in 2 months. When should I apply to advertise it?
Right now! If you know the details about your event and have artwork prepared, submit the application to reserve your spot. At a minimum, you would need to apply at least 3 days before the event date, but we recommend a week in advance or as soon as you have the materials available.
What kinds of media can I use to advertise?
At this time, we are taking applications for posters, table card setups, and table fliers. Download the template for sizing information here.


"Three Days" Policy
All advertisement applications must be made AT LEAST 3 days in advance. For best results we recommend a week’s notice.

For example, if you submit your application on Monday, the earliest you could put up posters would be Thursday.

Merchandise and Vending Policy
Coffeehouse has a strict non-solicitation requirement for advertisements in our space as a protection for our customers. We do not allow advertisements for merchandise or goods/services for sale. You may advertise that you will have merchandise et al. at your event, but not the merchandise itself.

Example of an allowed advertisement: “Come to the Fruit Snack Organization Rally on Saturday! Merch and snacks will be available.”

Example of a disallowed advertisement: “Buy the new Fruit Snack V-neck T-shirt! Available at the rally this Saturday”

Campus Organization Requirement
We require that all groups or organizations looking to advertise in Coffeehouse be Rice-campus based. For example, any student club, organization, or official campus department is allowed to advertise.

At this time, we do not allow outside companies or organizations to utilize this program, unless it is through a Rice organization.