Past Management



General Manager: Mandy Quan
Training Manager: Sarah Easley
Inventory Manager: Andrew Pardes
Food and Ordering Manager: Lorraine Singleton
Health and Maintenance Manager: Sarah Gao
Finance Manager: Alex Vela
Graphics and Marketing Manager: Brendan Wong
Personnel Manager: Sophie Clayton 
Catering Managers: Lauren Palladino & Marcus Tierrablanca 


General Manager: Emily Rychener
Training Manager: Erin Rawls
Inventory Manager: Sarah Gao
Food and Ordering Manager: Helen Bonnyman
Health and Maintenance Manager: Nicky Meaux
Finance Manager: Lauren Palladino
Publicity and Graphics Manager: Alex Vela
Personnel Manager: Sydney Garrett 
Catering Managers: Zoe Levert & Mandy Quan


General Manager: Mandy Weaver
Training Manager: David Ratnoff
Inventory Manager: Habeen Chang
Food and Ordering Manager: Zoe Levert
Health and Maintenance Manager: Andrew Gatherer
Finance Manager: Eleanor Hill
Publicity and Graphics Manager: Clair Hopper
Personnel Manager: Mikaela Juszwick
Catering Managers: Emily Rychener & Gabrielle Falcon 


General Manager: Harrison Lin
Training Manager: Andrew Gatherer
Ordering and Inventory Managers: Radhika Sharma & Ben Johnson
Health Manager: Mikaela Juzswik
Finance Manager: Summer House
Publicity and Graphics Manager: Meagan Dwyer
Personnel Manager: Monica Charletta
Catering Managers: Yin Ng & Mandy Weaver


General Manager: Mason Daumas
Training Manager: Thomas Plackemeier
Ordering and Inventory Managers: Katherine McElroy & Yin Ng
Health Manager: Harrison Lin
Finance Manager: David Behrend
Publicity and Graphics Manager: Phillip Haddad
Personnel Manager: Marie Hoeger
Catering Managers: Ronald Foo & Summer House


General Manager: Carolyn Cooper
Ordering and Inventory Managers: Kentrell Owens & Ronald Foo
Health Manager: Mason Daumas
Finance Manager: Thomas Plackenmeier
Publicity and Graphics Manager: Kelsey Walker
Personnel Manager: Katherine McElroy
Catering Managers: McKenna Mitchell & Molly Jones


General Manager: Mathison Ingham
Ordering and Inventory Managers: Molly Jones and Dennis Budde
Health Manager: Carolyn Cooper
Finance Manager: Kelly Mover
Publicity and Graphics Managers: Meredith McGrath and Melissa Yuan
Personnel Manager: Katya Arquilla
Catering Managers: Joanne Wang and Izzy Spanswick


General Manager: Emika Ijuin
Ordering and Inventory Managers: Becca Loftis and Emily Anthony
Health Manager: Kelly Mover
Finance Manager: Nick Irza
Publicity and Graphics Manager: Priscilla Leung
Personnel Manager: Jeff Brown
Catering Managers: Marissa Hall and Natasha Kappaya


General Manager: Christine Cooper
Ordering and Inventory Managers: Nick Irza and Mathison Ingham
Health Manager: Alex Cass
Finance Manager: Alisher Kamalov
Publicity and Graphics Manager: Laura Williams
Personnel Manager: Emika Ijuin
Catering Managers: Sam Gavin and Weijia Song

Spring 2011:

Project Manager: Erin Rouse
Ordering and Inventory Manager: Travis Smith
Special Projects Manager: Libo Li


General Manager: Chase LeCroy
Interim General Manager: Erin Rouse
Personnel Manager: Kate Coley
Ordering/Inventory Manager: Alex Buckey
Health/Maintenance Manager: Ben Lopez
Special Projects: Darren Arquero/Susan Wu
Catering: Steffi Russell-Egbert/Laura Williams
Publicity and Graphics: Christine Cooper

2009 :

General Manager: Erin Rouse
Ordering Inventory: Chase LeCroy
Personnel Manager: Halle Rassmussen
Health/Maintenance Manager: Shi-Hua Wu
Special Projects: Susan Wu
Catering: Mina Fitzpatrick
Publicity and Graphics: Weijia Song

2008 :

General Manager: Aleah Sommers
Personnel Manager: Paul Tucker
Inventory Manager: Susan Wu
Health/Maintenance Manager: Shi-hua Wu
Catering Manager: Tim Faust
Publicity and Graphics Manager: Erin Rouse
Special Projects Manager: Haley Ray

2007 :

General Manager: Mara Courtney
Personnel Manager: Erin Rouse
Small Inventory Manager: Ingrid Norbergs
Large Inventory Manager: Susan Wu
Catering Manager: Paul Tucker
Health/Maintenance Manager: Halle Rassmussen
Programming/Publicity Manager: Stefan Goshev

 Fall 2006:

Personnel Manager: Lindsay Wilson
Health/Maintenance Manager: Joel Hernandez
Programming/Publicity Manager: Ingrid Norbergs


General Manager: Ann Chou
Personnel Manager: Angelica Bush
Small Inventory Manager: Katie Stephens
Large Inventory Manager: Lindsay Wilson
Health/Maintenance Manager: Meredith Brooks
Programming/Publicity Manager: Mara Courtney