Coffeehouse 101


Keepers of Coffee, known around Rice as KOCs, are the baristas who keep Coffeehouse running. The key to why KOCs are so special? All employees are regular Rice students! We balance our academic schedules with our passion for making lots and lots of coffee, exactly how you want it. We take a lot of pride in making Coffeehouse a place where we, and all of Rice, can feel at home. It’s this dedication–and a healthy dose of shenanigans–that make Chaus, Chaus.

Student Run Businesses

Rice Coffeehouse is one of three student run businesses at Rice University. The other businesses are the Hoot and Rice Bikes. Student Run Businesses are educational opportunities that benefit all members of the Rice community (A great article about Student Run Business). We are entirely managed and staffed by students, with guidance from our two wonderful advisors Korista and Cristy. As a Student Run Business, Coffeehouse managers work together to make sure that the rent is paid, the products are served, the catering orders are filled, health code is followed, and a good time is had by all that come to Coffeehouse.

All of the Student Run Businesses strive to provide quality products for a good cost to Rice. Starting in 2010, the Student Run Businesses have begun working together to promote Student Run Businesses around the Rice campus. As part of this effort, we have begun a yearly Student Run Business Week, which includes celebrations and discounts at all of the business.